Friday, 4 December 2015

Our Spanish Dream Part 35 Spanish Dream Property

Our Spanish Dream Part 35

Dave & Bev Townsend 

With all future projects with the development company on indefinite hold and the loss of Dave’s Dad Bev actually had some time available to dedicate to a new project.  We began seriously looking into the setting up of a property finding business.  But time became a precious commodity again as Dave’s Mum’s Alzheimer’s led to daily care being required by us even with all the paid help she was having three times a day.  At the end of 2009 Mum was admitted to a nursing home so she could have the 24 hour care she needed.
With time to develop the project again we moved forward with a view to starting in March 2010.   We flew to Spain to sign contracts with various reputable agents to be able to show their properties, making sure none were exclusive so we were not tied to any one agent.   To do our work properly we needed to be able to select properties from various sources.  We decided that we would cover only the areas we knew well, starting with the south Costa Blanca, going about 20 minutes inland plus areas around Moraira, Javea and into the Jalon and Orba valleys in the northern Costa Blanca.  We also wanted to add towns and villages close to the Mar Menor so would spend time in those areas during our next few visits.

Yet again our plans had to be postponed as just after our return from Spain in mid-February our daughter was in an accident and suffered a very serious injury to her right leg.  Three operations in the first 24 hours, plus a fourth three days later, saved her leg but recovery was going to be very slow and never complete.  Our grandchildren were 1 and 2 years old so it was all hands on deck to help out during her weeks in hospital and the five months it took for her to take her first steps again.  Life on crutches for the next year (plus) was not easy with two lively toddlers and support from family was essential.

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